Brooklyn Museum

During the summer of 2018, Melissa spent nine weeks at the Brooklyn Museum in their Objects Conservation Department. Her responsibilities included the following:

Working with Mountmakers

Evaluating the efficacy of current mounts and helping to design new mounts for objects being prepared for a traveling exhibition

(photo credit: Josh Summer)

Oddy Testing

Cleaning metal coupons, preparing testing materials, and setting up the material testing according to the Brooklyn Museum’s protocol

Light Monitoring

Taking light measurements on Kehinde Wiley’s portrait, “Napoleon Leading the Army Over the Alps” 2005

(photo credit: Aisha De Avila-Shin)

Regular Housekeeping

Surface cleaning Judy Chicago’s “Dinner Table” using variable speed vacuums and soft brushes

(photo credit: LaStarsha McGarity)

Environmental Monitoring

Changing hygrothermographs and monitoring RH, temperature, and dewpoint from data loggers throughout the museum

(photo credit: Melissa Amundsen)

Multiband Imaging

Using filters and various lights with different wavelengths to study remaining pigments on ancient an Egyptian limestone stela

X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy

Elemental analysis on objects to help inform treatment and contribute further information to the object record

(photo credit: Kate Wight Tyler)

Laser Cleaning

Using an Nd:YAG laser to remove non-original mortar from the surface of ancient Assyrian alabaster reliefs

(photo credit: Sasha Drosdick)

Treatment in the Galleries

Cleaning of ancient Assyrian alabaster reliefs in the gallery while speaking with museum guests about the work and the field of conservation.

(photo credit: Erin Anderson)

Microchemical Spot Testing

Melissa performed microchemical spot testing for soluble salts within stone objects to determine an ideal relative humidity recommendation and chlorines for copper alloy objects

(photo credit: Tina March)

Silver Treatment

Polishing silver and brush lacquering with Agateen (cellulose nitrate) in preparation for a loan

(photo credit: Jakki Godfrey)

Conservation Treatments

Melissa was individually responsible for the documentation, photography, and treatment of 9 individual objects. Many of the objects were being prepared for a traveling exhibition. You can see a selection of these conservation treatments by clicking the button below.

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