The 2018 DELPHI participants (source: Dr. Martin Brueckner)

In June 2018 Melissa was selected to participate in a 2-week institute through the Center for Material Culture Studies called, Delaware Public Humanities Institute (DELPHI). The institute is designed to teach a variety of skills to communicate individual research to non-specialists and the general public. The institute consists of seminars, workshops, and hands-on experience. Some of these seminars and workshops are listed here:

  • How to Write an Op-Ed
  • Being Booked and Planning your Interview (press)
  • How to Build your Personal Website
  • The Importance of Public Engagement
  • Genres for Writing for the Public
  • Grant Writing
  • Grants, Grantmakers, and Fundraising
  • Marketing Yourself and How to Write a Press Release
  • Social Media
  • Telling Your Story and Using Voice and Body Effectively
  • TV Interviews
  • Introduction to Copyright Law
  • Finding your Public Engagement Venues

Melissa utilized the 2 week institute as a way to formulate an effective and engaging way to describe preventive conservation to people with no introduction to the specialty. This was largely done through writing, presentations, and practice interviews.

Melissa practicing live television interviews during 2018 DELPHI (source: Madison Brockman)

You can see one of her practice interviews here:

Melissa practicing a live television interview with Erickson Blakney (former writer, reporter, and interviewer for CBS News and Bloomberg) in front of her DELPHI classmates and instructors. (source: Center for Material Culture Studies)