Microfade Testing Seminar

On January 17th, Dr. Thomas Lam (MCI Physical Scientist), hosted Melissa and Meredith Sharps (MCI Post-Doctorate Fellow) for an afternoon seminar to discuss the Microfade Testing (MFT) process and the specific methodology he uses at MCI. Melissa was interested in the process and how it can be used in the conservation field as it relates to preventive conservation. Thomas walked the two fellows through the entire process and shared the challenges and advantages involved in the technique. Controlling the atmospheric light, completing all measurements within a single sitting, and taking a measurement on a textured material are only some of the many variables to control in this type of measurement. Learning this was helpful for Melissa’s understanding of Vincent Beltran’s (GCI MCE Scientist) desire to survey MFT methodologies and work to create a consistent and repeatable standard. If Vincent has success in this, there could be great potential for widely sharing the results of MFT studies. MFT can be being an amazing tool for communicating the risk of light for collection items, especially if the color change can be visualized with tools such as the light fading calculators.